Global Grub


Amirtabar Global is excited to announce the move of Global Grub to the Amirtabar Global website. Global Grub diverges from Amirtabar Global’s traditional touch on world issues and instead brings about a lighter side to life, exploration of the world through its cuisine!

Omid’s love of food and his frequent dining out at exotic restaurants has led him to begin reviewing the restaurants he dines at and posting his findings on his review website. The result is Global Grub. The inspiration for Global Grub comes from the bold and legendary Anthony Bourdain in his efforts to scour the globe in search of hidden culinary treasures in his new CNN series Parts Unknown. Omid’s description of Global Grub below is a nod to Anthony Bourdain, as it is partly paraphrased from his show:

“For me, cuisine isn’t about going to your everyday franchise, sitting at a fast food joint, or listening to cheesy top-40 background tunes. Eating well is going to parts unknown. It’s sharing an original recipe with family and friends, and only then realizing after a phenomenal time, you forgot to order dessert.”

To begin, select a region from the drop down menu or click on one of the following links below:

Eastern Canada Restaurants


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